Over my 25 years I’ve collected a lot of crap, but mostly for my own memory’s sake. I have decided to rid myself of this clutter one trinket at a time, but I want to keep the memories safe, so I’ve chosen this blog. On this blog I regularly write about one of my trinkets and then I get rid of it. By January 2013 I hope to be cleansed of my clutter.

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84 Responses to “About”

  1. Ooh. I may steal this idea. I’ve got over 50 years of trinkets!

  2. This is such a great idea, and I love your write ups- I seriously laughed and read some bits out to Troy. I’m going to follow along and see how you go, 365 trinkets is a lot of stuff!

  3. Good idea… You’re really funny, and I’ll follow you on your journey to freedom! πŸ™‚

  4. This is a great idea! I have become more of a “keeper” over the years but lately have been feeling the need to simplify things so I just may adopt your idea, Russell! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love the concept. I could probably purge 365 items for 365 days and still have way more than any one person should possess. Truth being I am a wee bit of a hoarder, but I am trying diligently to reform. And, my hoarding is genetic. And, my father, mother, brother, daughter, future son-in-law, son, son’s girl friend, sister-in-law and stepmother have all chosen my home as their repository for crap they don’t want to toss. Oops, sounds like I have more problems than hoarding.

    Anyway, I applaud your ideas: purging and keeping the memories in blog form. I just hope you’re not tossing those purged items your mother’s way. You know we can never say, “No” to you!

  6. AhHA! Great minds must think alike. I have such a problem getting rid of “sentimental” things. I decided it was the memories I wanted to keep, not the stuff. I told my husband, “When i find something I have a hard time passing on, getting rid of, etc, I’m going to blog about it. Get all the memories on “paper” and then move the item on.” It’s a great exercise in both writing, and cleansing. So glad other people are doing this. Here is the link to my first blog on this subject:


    I look forward to following your adventure.

  7. Can you come to my house and do this too? You can make up memories for my things, then throw them out.
    Actually I don’t keep things for sentimental reasons, I’m just convinced one day someone might need it.
    Y’know like that “I need 5 pounds of bottle caps right now” emergency or “Who has 2 years of newspaper ads I can have”
    I’ll be there for them.

    • Woah, that would almost be a legit writing project, but maybe after this year. I’m kinda booked. πŸ˜‰
      Also, way to be forward thinking! Now I know where I’m going when I need something really obscure, and a lot of it!

  8. What a great idea for a blog! I’m such a hoarder, so I can completely sympathize. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best of luck with the 365 day project.

  9. Hi Russel – thanks for visiting Keep It Neat! Did you read our post on Kipple? (http://keepitneat.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/kipple/) You are the spokesperson for getting rid of Kipple! Memorializing your potential “good” Kipple via your blog is such a great idea. Who needs the stuff – it’s the memory that counts. Looking forward to following your progress. Good luck!

    -Keep It Neat

  10. This might be one of the greatest year-long blog ideas I’ve read. Not only are you preserving your memories, but man…less physical “stuff” to haul around. What an awesome idea, I can’t wait to read more.

    I occassionally try to do something similar with photos that just sit on a disk drive. Some have such great memories but don’t make it to a wall in the house, so they just seem wasted without having a life in some way.

    Take care, looking forward to spending the year following.

  11. Howdy –

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m glad you did, It looks like I’ll enjoy your blog and look forward to see everything else you get rid of.

  12. I LOVE IT!!!!
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog because I would probably have never found you. Awesome idea and reading your entries have made me laugh, get a little misty, and make me want to take pictures of things that mean a lot to me that I really don’t NEED to keep. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. I agree with californiagirlinnyc. Thank you for subscribing because I would have never found you! I am looking forward to your daily purges.

    Enjoyed reading your posts and really enjoy your writing style.

    I wish I would have thought of this. What a great idea. good luck!

  14. Would you mind if I put a link to your blog in a future post? I would love to share this with others.

  15. I love your idea for Project 365…wish I had come up with it. I am practically buried in trinkets. For my Project 365, I am trying to write about people or businesses that are changing the world. It isn’t hard to find people who are doing just that; it’s really hard deciding who to write about. It’s nice to have you along for the ride, though. Any way to sign up/be notified of your posts?

    • Thanks for the support, and great idea yourself over there at write-on-target.com. You can be notified of future posts on this blog either by clicking the “+ Follow” button at the top left (if you have a WordPress account) or via email by clicking the “+ Follow” button in the bottom right of the screen and filling out your info. Thanks for your interest!

  16. My sister had a really difficult time throwing things away-She’s very sentimental. We would sneak into her room while she was at school and throw things away. This is a much better way of letting go. Great idea! As long as you aren’t collecting a new keepsake for every one that you throw out. Ha!

  17. Thanks for the follow over on my blog. I will be waiting every day to see what gets tossed out that day! It can only get better after the dance belt.

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog! This is such an amazing idea! I, too, tend to hang on to little trinkets. What a great way to let go of things without having to let go of the memories!

  19. Oh, this is a great idea. My mum died a year and a half ago and we’re only just now starting to clean out a lot of her stuff. There are many things that are not worth keeping (including things my sister and I made as children!) but have fond memories attached. This is a great way of keeping those memories without having to keep the actual things!

    • This comment means so much to me. I also lost my mom–a little over two years ago–and the same thing happened to my brother and I. I’m so glad to be able to offer you a healthy, productive alternative. And hopefully a couple of laughs in there also, to ease your grief. πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks so much for the follow! I LOVE your blog idea! Just read the ‘dance belt’ one and giggled the whole time, in a sensitive and understanding way of course.
    I’ve followed you via bloglovin’.

  21. I love your project… what a great idea!

  22. Hi there,

    thanks for stopping by my place earlier and suscribing. I really like your concept here! So cool – I’ll have to get my b.f. to look into it – he’s hoarding way too much stuff and I can’t stand clutter.

    Hope to see you around ,

    πŸ™‚ K.

  23. Very cool, Thank you for dropping by and following my blog. I like your 365 project, I am hoping to start one in the very near future like next year.

  24. What a cool concept. Brilliant! Can’t wait to catch up and then continue to follow your progress!!

  25. Bloody awesome idea for a blog! It’s freeing letting go of “stuff” isn’t it? Can’t wait to read through your archives.

  26. […] I meant to add that I found a blog that had a really amazing idea! 356 Trinkets is a decluttering challenge, but the author is taking the time to record a photograph and memories […]

  27. Hey thanks for the follow! I’ve enjoyed reading through your purged trinkets — many of which take me back through my childhood (pogs!! i’d fogotten all about those!), as it appears we’re from the same generation. Great idea!

  28. What a fabulous blog!! I am not much of a collector. I keep things in a little box. But I’m in awe, I think to be able to let go and yet save the memory is a darling idea. I should send this to my mom πŸ˜‰ she may need to see this.

  29. What a great concept to change up the 365 from just photography. BTW, thanks for stopping by πŸ˜€

  30. Hi, and thanks for following my blog! Interesting concept you have here for yours, and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  31. Awesome – I know that a daily blog post is not always easy – but it is so worth it in the long run. Good luck and what a great idea! – Spencerosity

  32. Wow, great idea!!! Thanks so much for following my blog! Yay! πŸ˜€

  33. Well that is a genius idea for a 365 day project!! And thank you for following my blog πŸ™‚ I look forward to your 365, i mean 366 [this year] trinkets πŸ™‚

  34. SMART!!! Me like your idea! Thanks for following my blog on life, love and laughter!

  35. maybe i should do this with my wardrobe….. brilliant concept!

  36. Okay…this is brilliant. I may have to do a blog called decade. Or half-century.



  37. Pretty cool concept for a blog. Thanks!

  38. love this. i’m in a downsizing and simplifying moment in life, too

  39. What a magnificent idea! I wish I’d had it before I got rid of everything I owned in one week. Your post about the cologne is my favorite so far. Smell can be the most poignant way to experience a memory. Thank you for sharing…

  40. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog and following! It’s always fun to get new readers. Of course, I immediately took it upon myself to cyberstalk you to see what you were up to. So fun to see you’re in the midst of a 365 purge yourself! Woohoo! We can be decluttering buddies! πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work, and keep writing!

  41. Love it! My husband and I have spent about the last 3 years actively decluttering, simplifying, and clarifying. I can so totally realte you your posts and you have me laughing out loud!! We seem to hold on to so much stuff for so many different reasons. I am totally behind your journey!

  42. I wanted you to know that I mentioned your blog in my post yesterday, because you’ve really inspired me and because it’s been a pleasure to read too.

    Have a wonderful evening and keep purging!


  43. Jeez, Russell, only 25 years and you have 365 “things” to get rid of. I think it’s a great idea, but I’m 66…perhaps by the time you’re my age I will have cleansed my studio, my house, my car, my mind and my soul. And now, of course, I have no excuse for not posting every single day–sometimes twice, if there’s something else on my mind (like killing a certain Russell Blogger!).

  44. Thanks for checking in with my blog. I love your concept. Hope you’re letting go of some spiritual/emotional trinkets as well.

  45. I love this concept! I really need to do some purging myself.

  46. This is such a brilliant idea, really.

  47. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, go to my recent post for the guidelines on how to accept the award.
    Have fun!

  48. this is a wonderful idea–though there is a part of me (my cluttered heart, i imagine) that also feels a bit sad.


    • That’s very interestig; would you mind expanding on how it makes you feel a bit sad?

      • I don’t know if I can explain the sadness. i recently saw a doc about how many Japanese think of dolls as having souls. and maybe, to a certain extent, i think things have souls, as well. or at least, there is an energy that surrounds those things. on the other hand, i know there’s something liberating about getting rid of the excess stuff that litters one’s house. do you feel any sadness about getting rid of things?


  49. I love this idea too, maybe I will join you with one a week or so.

  50. Do you buy new things as well or is all about what you already have?

  51. Russell,

    I hope you don’t mind; I just gave you a Liebster Award.



  52. Great. Because I think- in your case- the award meant under 2,000 followers, and not 200.

    Lord. Congrats! You so deserve it. (The 2,000 followers. Not me passing on the award.


  53. I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award πŸ™‚


  54. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award – I’m sure you’ve been nominated before, don’t feel obliged to do anything more than just accept it as a compliment! Detailhttp://theycallmebetty.com/2012/03/16/831/s here:

  55. You got a great idea. I do hope that day will come when I can freely let go of my trinkets. I’ll be back! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! πŸ™‚

  56. i love your idea! i tried having a project 365 earlier this year. but i got busy and was not able to continue it. 😦 but i admire your dedication on regularly posting random stories about your old stuff. keep it up! it’s really entertaining. maybe i’ll revive my project 365 one of these days~

  57. Love the photos. Is anyone collecting them πŸ™‚

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