When have visors ever been cool? I’ll give you a hint: never. They’re not even useful unless you a golfer or a tennis player, but even those folks have started to figure out how lame visors are. For some reason I’ve always had this delusional thought that I could pull one off. This is the second visor I’ve owned in my life. The first got thrown out after countless failed attempts in front of the mirror, but when my teenage self saw this one in a skate shop, he thought, Hey, wait a second, it says “Quicksilver” on it–please understand that Quicksilver was the equivalent to Hollister back then–maybe if it’s got the Quicksilver brand on it, it will look cooler and I can finally pull off a visor! Instead of trying it on in the store I just bought it in case someone came up and asked me if I was a golfer or a tennis player, because when I said no, they would have inevitably asked, “Then why are you buying a visor? They’re not even useful.” When I got home and tried it on, of course, it still looked ridiculous, but I blamed it on a bad hair day and tossed the visor in my closet. After that, every year around summer time I would try it on again just to see if it worked, but it never did. Now, even if visors were cool, it’s got an incredibly outdated logo on it.

One of the things this blog is teaching me is how desperately stubborn I am, and by “stubborn” I mean “crazy,” because one of the definitions of craziness is the act of doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting a different result. This visor experience has a message for my crazy self: if it doesn’t work, don’t force it. If you force it, don’t use popularity to do so. If you use popularity to force it, don’t be surprised when it still doesn’t work.


~ by russell jander on February 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Visor”

  1. Here is where I run into problems throwing things away. “Quicksilver” may become the next retro-chic thing, and if you still had it you wouldn’t have to wear it, you could SELL it and make lotsa $$$. And another “thing” would stay in my house, this time in an overwhelmingly bulging box labeled Retro Things To Sell). Sigh.

  2. Hmmmmm, I love my visor{s} for walking in the Colorado sun at lunch ~ I don’t want full-on hat hair with which to return to work. Maybe the folks sitting in their cubes are laughing at me. Luckily I’m old enough to not give a rip. Note to self: don’t tell Russell!!!!!

  3. Turn it to the side and watch the magic happen.

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