Tech Deck

Playing with a Tech Deck was a lot like playing Tekken III because I must admit I was a button masher–and for those that are unfamiliar with the term, a “button masher” is someone who is miserable at a video game so they just frantically hit random combinations of buttons in the hopes they’ll do something right. When I played Tekken III, I was just happy to be participating, even if that meant losing every time, so I would just mash the buttons and watch the chaos unfold. Well, in elementary school when the Tech Deck craze came around I did the same thing. Just happy to be participating, I shoved my Tech Deck around on my desk with my fingers, just like all the other kids, moving my fingers to fake a “pop shove it” here and a “kickflip” there, but I would never actually accomplish a trick, and I was content with that–until I saw what Nick could do. Nick captivated whole groups of school kids with his Tech Deck skills; it was as if his index finger was Tony Hawk and his middle finger was Bob Burnquist. He would pull off real skating tricks–on purpose. After seeing Nick’s abilities I thought, “I’ve got to learn how to do something,” so for the next week I focused on learning how to do a 360 kickflip. When I pulled this deck out tonight I immediately tried it just to see if I could still pull it off, and I can; it’s not pretty, but I can. After that week of learning how to do the trick, I stopped playing with it all together. I can’t “put my finger on” why I stopped, but I assume it was because I discovered then that even the people who appear naturally good at something have spent many hours behind the curtain perfecting their craft. Yes, I realize that I’m talking about finger boards right now, but this applies to my general understanding of the world as well. While I understand that there are savants out there, for the most part people who are good at something are good at that thing because they try hard at it, and most of that effort comes when no one is watching. Since I don’t believe that Nick was a Tech Deck savant, that means that the effort he put into learning his tricks was much more than the effort I put in to learn just one. I think I must have realized I had other things I wanted to spend my time getting good at, like understanding why I suddenly liked girls.


~ by russell jander on February 21, 2012.

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find a link to this award on my post that will let you know what to do from there. Congrats and happy blogging!

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