Creed – Weathered

I realize this blog has turned a bit confessional, and I’m trying to curb that, but I do have a confession I have to make; I listened to this album almost exclusively the entire time I was fourteen years old. I’m aware that we all do stupid things at that age–heck, we all do stupid things at any age–and I’m not going to waste our time by bashing their shallow lyrics or Scott Stapp’s melodramatic vowel contortions, and I’m not even going to say they’re worse than Nickelback (even though they are), but I am going to say, I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry that I corrupted my poor, developing mind with such unsubstantial blibbering because it taught me what a delicate line we walk between sanity and delusion. I was sold out on this album, and thinking about it now I feel terrible that my parents had to listen to me go on about it, but what else am I capable of if I could convince myself that Creed’s 2001 release, “Weathered,” was the best album in the universe? This awareness of my potential for delusion has been hugely helpful as I’ve experienced new things and assessed their intrinsic qualities. At preset that new thing is the TV series, Downton Abbey, which is the most amazing show ever created, and I will watch it every day for the next year of my life–wait, um, maybe I haven’t learned a thing.


~ by russell jander on February 20, 2012.

8 Responses to “Creed – Weathered”

  1. I watched some of the earlier episodes of Downton Abbey but I didn’t take to the too rapid and too pat plot development, but I can’t help but like Maggie Smith’s comments.

    About things we like – I was half-convinced at one stage that everything that emanated from people was just gibberish that we reinterpreted internally into something meaningful.

    I just sent you a tweet – look out for it. 😉

  2. You know, you just have to let this go. Growing is just that, growing. If you’re better today than you were yesterday, then that’s enough. You also didn’t used to know how to write or use a fork, would you beat yourself up about that? No. Everyone has to learn, it’s okay.


  3. There was something of value to it, if only learning that your perspective can and will change about things over time — even those that matter to you most passionately in the moment .

  4. IF I watched TV I would watch Downton Abby. Enjoying your blog. T

  5. […] throw out.  Let me tell you… he has saved some interesting things.  My favorite post… His Creed Album.  I am really inspired by this idea.  I have been thinking about throwing out a box of stuff each […]

  6. I have my own collection of bad music that I am not sure why I still have… Do you remember “Rockapella”?
    Anyways, I really enjoy your blog and was recently honored with the Leibster Award and I would love to pass it to you.

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