Plant Pot

When our art teachers told us to make something, we said, “Gimme one good reason why I should.” When they told us we had to simply because they told us to, we said, “Whatever, then I’m not doing it.” Then, when they told us that Mother’s Day was coming up and that we should at least make something for our moms, we said, “Yeah, okay, fine–but what do I make?” Man, teachers don’t get paid enough, but when I was 15 and said this to my art teacher, she told me to make this plant pot, and I’m glad she did because it offered me a chance to be misunderstood.

That is in fact a bee you see on the side of this pot and not a caterpillar, as my mother mistakenly assumed. “Oh, and look at the cute caterpillar on here,” she said. I can’t remember if I told her I intended it to be a bee or not–I think I did–but I do know I felt like trash. Not because of my mom, but because I had tried really hard on that part of the pot, and it didn’t pay off. I think that’s the nature of fear for me; that I’ll try really hard on something for nothing. Luckily there’s always something to be learned. In this case I learned that if you want something to look like a bee, and not a caterpillar, then give it some wings, idiot. In the case of blogging I’ve learned that there’s a fine line between social relevance and heresy. For me it takes being misunderstood to learn these types of lessons, so bring it on, world; send me all the people you’ve got who think nothing like me! The less they think like me, the more I’ll have to learn in order to be known. It’s hard work, but we’ve all got to do it.



~ by russell jander on February 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Plant Pot”

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  2. i love the pot–waiting for someone to make one for me!

  3. No one thinks like you, and no one thinks like me, no one thinks like anyone else, stop obsessing over it, just be you and let the rest of us enjoy!

  4. So does this mean you’re getting rid of the pot? How did you get it, your Mom gave it to you? I understand about how you feel/felt, but I’d like more info please?


    • Yes, I’m getting rid of it because it’s super tacky. 😀 I got it back when I went home last year to gather the things I wanted from my parent’s house. My mother passed away a couple years ago, and my dad is selling the house, so I saw this and thought I should be the one to get rid of it. Sorry, probably should’ve made that clear in the post. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hey, that pot’s not bad! (This from someone whose rice bowl was the only one hidden in the school closet for 5th grade Open House.)

    My collection of trinkets covers 70 years, but there are some holes where I’ve managed to say goodbye to things without a backward glance. If they’re in my memory I can call them up at any time, and if they’re not . . . well, who cares?

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