Leatherman and Belt Buckle

What is it about swiss-army stuff that makes us guys freak out? I don’t mean things from Swiss Army, but I mean all purpose tools–like leatherman tools. Ever since I can remember, if one object could serve more than just one purpose, I wanted it, and the more things it could do, the better. Sadly, that is no longer the case–at least with leatherman tools.

It seems I’m finding little crappy knockoff leathermans like this one all over the house. Getting a good leatherman is a lot like doing the dishes; I’ll say, “Man, I should do the dishes, but I’m hungry–I’ll do them after I eat,” but after I eat, “Man, I’m tired–I’ll do the dishes later,” and before I know it, I’m out of dishes and the house smells worse than the inside of a tauntaun. I’ve always thought it would be cool to own a leatherman, but I haven’t actively gone out and bought one, so every other Christmas or so I find a tiny knockoff in my stocking and think, Oh awesome, I needed one of these–well, a real one, but this will do. Almost immediately after that, however, it gets dropped in a drawer and forgotten, never to be used again, so now I have a bunch of these little guys that I never use. Luckily I have a good leatherman now so I can toss all these, once and for all–literally. I thought about keeping this one though because it has a flashlight, but I just tried to turn it on and the battery’s dead.

While we’re on the topic of multipurpose objects, here’s a belt buckle–wait, that’s not right. I may have been hanging on to this in hopes that another purpose would magically show itself, but something tells me I’ll be waiting awhile. I honestly don’t know why I’ve kept this belt buckle–I don’t know how long I’ve had it and I don’t remember which belt it came from–but it makes me think about my most recent fashion interest: suspenders. By 2015 I predict that suspenders will be more popular in men’s fashion than belts. Just saying.


~ by russell jander on February 17, 2012.

3 Responses to “Leatherman and Belt Buckle”

  1. …and it’s a bit ironic that Switzerland doesn’t have an army.

    • Switzerland does have an army,=, it’s just not well known. it’s like an all people’s reserve army. My Dad was Swiss and I have pictures of him in the army!! Just saying…

  2. “… and I thought they smelled worse on the outside.”

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