Shower Radio

Man, silence is the way to go. If you can manage to find it in these modern times, don’t tell anybody–it’ll be like the gold rush. I didn’t feel this way when I lived back home. In fact, I felt the exact opposite. I wanted constant noise so badly that I saved my allowance to buy this waterproof shower radio. Somehow just the noise of the shower wasn’t enough for me–I needed music on top of it. Thankfully I quickly found that in the morning most stations are just talk radio anyway, and the tuning dial on the thing is so sensitive that it’s not worth even trying to find a station in the first place, so I swiftly went back to just the sound of the shower. I don’t quite know where that desire comes from though–the want to have constant input all the time–and I’m assuming it stems from my overstimulated upbringing, but I do know that it’s been years since I’ve used this thing. However, even though I’ve learned the value in contemplative silence, as soon as I’m alone in a room I still feel awkward. I regularly have to tell myself, “No, you don’t need to pull out your phone to check and see if Jim has liked your comment on his obscure social reference yet. You’re capable of just sitting, I promise. Just breathe.” I’ve got the shower radio cranked as I write this and the only station I can clearly pick up is playing this:

Somehow I don’t think I’ve missed much.


~ by russell jander on February 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Shower Radio”

  1. I can relate, tho I don’t think I’ve come to appreciate silence yet. I feel I “have” to pull my phone out and play some sort of music while I’m in the shower, cleaning the house, and even cooking. I’m learning tho, silence should be treasured.

  2. I am also one who appreciates silence. The only exception is I have a fan running at night. The fan runs to drown out background noise more than to cool me off.

  3. I love the silence–at times. My husband likes white noise. With all the little people running around my house, silence is rare. But if I cannot find that time of silence, I cannot hear God’s small voice, so I appreciate your thoughts.

  4. Hilarious. Concept to execution. (Not the firing squad kind.)

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