Geese and Christ

This plaque hung in the bathroom my entire childhood. Other than the wallpaper, it was the only thing to look at while I was pooping, and all I’ve ever been able to think about is how Canadian geese have anything to do the strength of Christ? I understand the passage–that through Christ we Christians are able to accomplish anything–and I’ve always appreciated the encouragement that comes from it, but this plaque has never allowed me to till the ground of this passage because I always get hung up on the arbitrariness of the geese. Not to gross you out, but I do think quite clearly on the toilet–well I did before I got a smart phone–and the only thing I could figure out was something about the longness of their necks; without Christ you’re doomed to be short necked, but with Christ’s strength you can have a long neck, and don’t you want a long neck? In the actual passage, Paul is referring to the fact that he’s learned how to live with a lot and a little, citing that he can only do these things with the strength that Christ gives. I suppose it would be easy for me to read into some of the deeper implications of this verse if it were printed over something inspiring like Muggsy Bogues guarding Michael Jordan, but maybe that’s the whole point of this verse. Sure, biblical insight could be handed to me in a glossy sports metaphor, but I can do all things through Christ and that includes looking past a homogenized image of Canadian geese to find what God’s actually trying to teach me. For now I can only read this plaque as, “With Christ you can even stand up to those squawking geese in the park,” but maybe when I look back on this blog in a few years Christ will have given me the strength to see past the geese.


~ by russell jander on February 8, 2012.

7 Responses to “Geese and Christ”

  1. I agree…

  2. Muggsy Bogues, that was perfect. Love the way you write.

  3. Maybe the person who made the plaque was trying to suggest that Canadian geese are Christians. Draw a speech bubble around the verse and see if it works….

  4. I also love the way you write. Thank you for the like on my blog because it helped me find yours.

  5. One thought is that through Christ all things are possible. Including the fact that you can stay committed to the same person regardless of the situation. Geese have a tendancy to mate for life. If this was truly in your parents house, maybe they looked at the meaning in regards to their commitment in Christ to one another. Just a thought.

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