Okay, seriously, is Old Navy still around? [SPONSOR] I mean I think it’s still around because I hear commercials and such, but are their clothes still like they were in the past? I remember in grade school when “Performance Fleece” came out and by the next month if you didn’t have an Old Navy Fleece pullover, no more sittin’ at the cool table for you, loser. It was around that time that I bought this hat in an attempt at reclaiming cool. Before I bought this one, I had a similar one that was factory distressed, but I wore it so often that the “factory” distressing spread across the entire bill until all the fabric was just splayed open. Either my mom threw that one away, or I came to my senses–either way I bought this one to replace it. It’s just like the old one, only it was still put together. Unfortunately, clean wasn’t cool at that time–some argue it’s still not–and therefore this hat didn’t get much mileage at all; a replacement is rarely as satisfying. I think I even intentionally tried to “distress” the brim of this one with a pair of scissors. Anyway, seeing this hat, thinking how I barely wore it, reminds me that life moves fast; when time is constantly moving on and it’s impossible to hang on, I need to continue to learn to let go and move on as well.


~ by russell jander on February 7, 2012.

One Response to “Hat”

  1. That is often easier said than done, but really necessary to growth, isn’t it?

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