X-Men Water Bottle

I’m pretty sure this statement will knock me out of the ranks of super-nerddom, but I have to say it; I never got into X-Men as a kid. Sure, I hopped on the movie bandwagon, but the comics never graced my childhood experience, so when I received this water bottle as a party favor at a friend’s birthday–my name already printed on it–I had no choice but to say, “Thanks, Mrs. S.! I love X-Men.” Before I even finished the sentence my friend ran up to me and said, “Really? Oh man, did you get the last one?” Of course I hadn’t, but I was already in the lie, so I said, “Oh, yeah. Pretty good one.” I then looked for the potato chips; hard to lie with a mouth full of chips. Thankfully my friend shared my passion for Star Wars, so any time Wolverine came up I just said, “Yeah, but he’s no Obi-Wan–am I right?”

This is the first time I can remember consciously portraying someone I was not. At that time I felt a deep need to be accepted not for who I truly was, but for who other people thought that I should be. I’m pretty sure that’s natural at that age, but I hung onto this bottle to remind me of how unsatisfying that time was. Unfortunately, holding onto it didn’t help me. I’ve done that same thing every now and then throughout my life and I’ve only recently developed the confidence to readily admit that I don’t know a lot of things. For instance when my friend started going on the other day about search engine optimization, I was able to say, “You know what, I don’t actually know what that is. What is it?” It’s shocking how much more engaging the conversations I get into have become.



~ by russell jander on February 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “X-Men Water Bottle”

  1. Just part of growing up, I think you can re-gift that water bottle now, it’s served its purpose 🙂

  2. seconds Katrina. And its part of discovering yourself and being aware of who you are [in relation to who you are not].

    Besides your point but still, I admittedly have never read comics but I do however love the movies. Wolverine is one kick-ass character in my opinion…

  3. So true! It’s a great feeling not having to lie about yourself to please people. Being confident in yourself is just something that comes with age I suppose. And… I never read x-men either :-S

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