Surfboard Pillow

This is a surfboard–and a pillow. It’s a sillow. It’s a pillbaord. That last one doesn’t work so well. Anyways, I made this pillsurfowboard (that one works) in junior high Home Ec.

It blows my mind that I made this thing ten years ago and it’s still good as new, but I’m already patching up the jeans I bought a year ago. How can that be possible? I understand that clothing companies are working with trends, and fads fade before fabric ever does, but I don’t follow trends that quickly–I like to keep my clothes for a few years before I decide to update my style. I should take my pillsurfowboard to Levis’ headquarters and demand a pair of jeans that lasts as long as this pillow has. Granted, this pillow was hand-stitched, and I’d definitely have to replace a pair of hand-stitched jeans before I could even pay off the bill, but I’d still like to prove the point.

The original design for this pillow included a fin, but the teacher said, “It’s a much easier project if you leave the fin out.” I then thought, Yeah it’s probably more functional without it, too, so I rationalized my way out of extra work. That’s been the theme of my life until recently: I convince myself some things just aren’t worth the work. Sadly, I’m realizing it’s always worth the work–no matter what. I’m starting to finish the full patterns in my life instead of taking the quicker, easier way. My decisions come with fins these days.


~ by russell jander on February 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Surfboard Pillow”

  1. “My decisions come with fins these days.” Indeed. Nicely put.

  2. Hey! Nice to meet you. Love your blog concept. I’ve done “finless” a few times myself. Look forward to more of your posts!

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