Sticky Words

One year for Christmas I got a dictionary & thesaurus set, and I flipped outin a good way. I was just starting to realize the power of words, so  as soon as I unwrapped the set I started browsing the dictionary for all the words I dug that I didn’t know, and I wrote them down on sticky notes. Every Monday I would take one of the sticky notes with one of the words on it and I would stick it to the inside of my wallet in order to be reminded of the word regularly in the hopes that I could learn it faster.

Tonight when I pulled this one out of the drawer I thought, “Wow, what the crap does ‘erudition’ mean?” For those interested, it means any knowledge you get with study–like in books and stuff. Pshhh, who reads books anymore? That’s a joke of course, but seriously, I think this is the core of why I couldn’t remember what ‘erudition’ meant. When I first got the dictionary I wasn’t big on reading, but I loved to write (maybe that says more about my egocentrism than I realize). I was so addicted to remembering the word’s meaning, but since I wasn’t reading I never gave myself the opportunity to see it used in context, so my memory of it was drastically temporary. I thought I was learning about it, but I was actually perpetuating my own ignorance. In case you’re interested, ignorance is erudition’s antonym.


~ by russell jander on January 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Sticky Words”

  1. Funny you speak of such things:) I have always loved to read (books!) and flipping through a dictionary or thesaurus was always a “fun” thing to do. For me however, even now, I can hear or read a word and know it’s meaning on an instinctive level yet struggle at times verbally defining it for another person!

    Thanks for stopping by my “house” the other day. Glad you did. Have enjoyed reading your dailies. Will be adding you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work!

  2. Damn! The universe is messing with me! (I really do know how to navigate cyberspace. lol) Left a comment earlier and it looks as if it was under my other nom de pleume, Downspring#1, as I am known at The Wakefield Doctrine blog. I made reference to you stopping by to read my last post at GirlieOnTheEdge.

  3. Love how you write. I used to do this very thing when I got introduced to Word of the Day years ago. I’d write down the word and post it in my cube until I used it in a sentence. I wasn’t quite to the point of being able to wallpaper a room with post-its, but……….close.

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