CDs Killed the Concerto Star

Introducing our generation’s equivalent to record players; one of the things that will confuse our children.

“You really used that thing? It’s huge!”
“Well, son, you should have seen the computer monitors.”

But seriously, it’s always shocking the lengths we go to in order to take our music with us. These things were barely even practical. Even with the best “anti-shock protection” you could barely sneeze without it skipping. This one had a “hyper-bass sound” function which boosted the bass, but most of the headphones at that time weren’t good enough to handle it, so I couldn’t even use that.

I wish there was some ontological reason I kept this, but I really only kept it to show to my kids–and because it still works–but it does make me think about the way our culture consumes music: like an I.V. through our ears. Before all this electricity, people had go somewhere and see someone playing music in order to hear it. Did we value it more back then? Did we put more effort, time, and expertise into its composition because of the sacrifice required of the consumer? Or is it the other way around? Because we have constant, immediate access to almost whatever music we want, do artists focus on making it better than before? I’m sure there are folks in both camps.

Whatever the case, I feel bad throwing this away. Anyone want it? You pay the shipping.



~ by russell jander on January 18, 2012.

One Response to “CDs Killed the Concerto Star”

  1. You are so right… I felt so old the other day, when my 6 yr old was messing around with the dvd player, and I called his attention, reminding him he’d destroy the tape… “Tape”?? – he asked me with an incredulous look, like “this woman is nuts…”

    Nowadays, I’m only asked to buy (my kids’) music thru amazon… they (kids) even offer to show me how to do with one click… 😮

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