Ear Bud

Why do I bother keeping crap like this? These are two different sizes of little squishy attachments that pop onto a pair of headphones I’m pretty sure I lost a few years ago. This is a prime clutter culprit: the thing that goes to something I hope I still have, but I actually lost. I don’t even know why I kept them in the first place because they were just spares for the headphones that came with my first portable MP3 CD player (that’s right, before iPods had the storage space of a small computer). It was smart  to keep them I guess, if I lost the ones that were on the headphones already, but they shouldn’t still be taking up our desk space if I haven’t even seen those headphones in years. Just watch; after I finish this post and throw them away I will find the headphones they belong to and they will be missing one of the attachments. It happens that way for me quite frequently, ever since I was a kid playing Legos: I’d be looking for a two-by-four flat piece for like half-an-hour (which was really only 5 minutes in adult time) and I would give up, deciding to make it work with the two flat two-by-twos I found in my search for a two-by-four, but then a minute later, after I’d already been building on that space, I would find the flat two-by-four I was looking for–so frustrating! I’d like to sincerely apologize to the reader I just lost because you never played with Legos: sorry for the rant, but also sorry that your life has that giant hole due to having a childhood deprived of the glory that comes when you build a Lego Death Star. Anyway, who cares if the matching headphones show up later–I didn’t even like those headphones. They never stayed in my ears and it made me think that there was something wrong with my ear canal; that my ears were some odd shape that just couldn’t hold in ear buds. Luckily one time I sat next to a stranger on the bus who had the same ones, so I said, “Excuse me,” but he didn’t hear me, so I said it louder, but still no response. Finally I tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “Hey sorry but do those stay in your ears pretty good?” He replied, “Yeah, they’re great! They’re noise canceling, too.” That made me feel better about being ignored, but did nothing for my ear canal self-consciousness. The only sentimental reason I hung onto these attachments was because when I first got my MP3 CD player I felt a startling sense of independence, kind of like the freedom felt when you get your first car. I brought my entire music library around with me everywhere I went, while everyone else was forced to listen to one CD at a time, or a few choice albums on a now prehistoric iPod. I guess looking at these spare attachments always reminded me of that independence: knowing the musical mood of my life could have been in the palm of my hand at all times, if only my ear canals weren’t so oddly shaped.


~ by russell jander on January 9, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ear Bud”

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  2. My daughter lost hers as a teenager…so keep all that you can. Great write up on it too.

  3. […] P.S. I found two more headphone covers to another pair of headphones I have lost. […]

  4. I know it’s a little late to tell you, but it’s possible that if you’d used the different size ear buds, they may have fit better in your ears 🙂

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