Zip Ties

This is not just a bunch of zip ties; this is an art medium. Well, it will be if I can finally muster the determination to enact my plan. The initial reason I even collected most of this crap  I’m using in this Project 365 blog was to get into mixed-media art. I wanted to use real objects in a starkly juxtapositional manner in order to express particular aspects about my perception of reality. This plan’s inception occurred during my Junior year in a course on Young Adult Lit. For the end of the quarter the prof had us make something that we felt represented one of the books out of the syllabus and present it to the class, so I chose Looking for Alaska by John Green which is a book about (no spoilers) a boy abandoning his safe, boring life. It may be filed in the “Young Adult” section, but it deserves its own section called “If You Have a Soul, You Should Read This.” Inceredibly touching and famously told. For my class project, I wanted to portray a particular scene and the overarching emotion of the whole book simultaneously, so I cut off the top of a coil mattress and zip-tied random objects to the wires inside; things like a half empty bottle of strawberry wine, some Dixie Cups, a couple matchbox cars, some books, a candle, and some cigarettes, to name a few. I think you’d have to read the book to get it, but I thought it was awesome! I even wrote “Lord help my poor soul,” across the top of the mattress. As I brought it into the classroom I started to realize what a ridiculous thing I was doing–bringing a mattress into an English class–and that sentiment was echoed by the giggling reception I got when I presented it. So, maybe that wasn’t the right time or place to unveil the completely awesome medium that is zip art (that’s what I’m calling it, btw). But last year I watched Wasteland and I was like, “Yes! That’s what I’m friggin’ talking about!” In the documentary, top-selling contemporary artist Vik Muniz aids garbage pickers in creating giant self-portraits of themselves out of the garbage they pick for a living. I’ll leave it up to your imaginations to discover how I’m going to relate the work of Vik Muniz to my extensive collection of zip ties, but I will tell you that these are some trinkets that will break the rules of this blog; I’m not getting rid of them. The whole point of this blog is to rid myself of senseless clutter, so I hope that I don’t continue to reason my way into keeping more trinkets… But whatever the case, I’m keeping these.


~ by russell jander on January 5, 2012.

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