Baby Mitten

A Symbol of Boldness and Courage

For my first trinket, I’ve chosen the pink baby mitten I found in the middle of a snowy road in 2008. That winter was down  in the ‘teens some nights (that’s -6 to -11 for you Celsius folks) and on that particular night I found the mitten in 17 degree weather when I was stumbling home from a bachelor party. At 3 in the morning, warmed with whiskey, I trudged through the snow and wind until I got to an intersection were I saw something small and black in the middle of the road. It was a rat, but it wasn’t moving. As I came closer I realized its tail was sticking straight out–like, pencil-straight–and then I had a flash of Tom & Jerry (@5:54) in my mind . So I wanted to see if, like in cartoons, when you pick up a frozen animal by its tail, does the tail stay in place like a lollipop, or would it just bend like a half-done spaghetti noodle. Since no one was around, my curiosity took over and I went for it. I bent over and grabbed the dead, frozen rat by the tail and when I picked it up the tail stayed hard as a rock! There I was, holding a Rat Popsicle. Thats when I determined cartoons were far more educational that my parents allowed me to think. At the time I knew I wouldn’t forget an experience like that, but whiskey tends to betray me more often than not, so I decided to take something home that would remind me of that petrified rat in the middle of the road. That’s when I found a pink baby’s mitten lying in a gutter nearby. There was something familiar about it; something nurturing. So I picked it up and took it home. I lived alone at the time and was learning to be self-motivated, so it helped me to think of that mitten as a symbol of my own agency. It stood for boldness and courage: boldness because I stepped out into the road to look, and courage because I picked up a dead rat just to see if it was frozen solid or not.


~ by russell jander on January 1, 2012.

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